My Newest Summer Go-To Drink

Between going to school full time, picking up a new job, trying to work part/full time, applying for graduation and jobs, finals, case studies, presentations, Koda, family, and friends I’ve pretty much been MIA –all for good reasons though! I normally jot down a few blog post ideas during my week and then complete them during the weekends, but I’ve been so busy my list has just kept growing and growing. Good news for you all though! I’ll have a TON of new posts coming soon! I feel like right now is crunch time for everyone.  Everyone’s scrambling to get things together and prepare for summer.  Even if it’s not summer quite yet, the weather here in Morgantown is definitely starting to feel like summer.  Of course this means it’s time to switch up my drink order at Starbucks. I have two summer go-to drinks. If I’m just looking for […]

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