Welcome To The New Site!

Wow, it’s hard to believe I haven’t been blogging for almost a solid 8 months. Life has definitely been an (exciting) rollercoaster during this time, but I’m happy things are finally settling down. Now I can get back into a routine, which means blogging! So where have I been? After graduating with my BS in Human Nutrition & Foods, with a minor in Communication Studies, I wanted to run in so many directions and had no clue how to get started in any. I was still stuck in my college job, with a slight promotion and a full time position. Feeling way over qualified and unsatisfied I realized I needed a change. I made a list of things I really wanted to do: Go to graduate school Educate others about nutrition Help people Get the hell out of Morgantown I started with applying to graduate school, except I didn’t actually […]

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