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Exploring Greensboro, NC

It’s no secret I’m in love with the Carolinas. I’m not sure exactly when it happened… Somewhere along the way of heading down the WV Turnpike, waiting for my ears to pop, holding my breath as we drove through the Virginia tunnels (always making my wish for a puppy), spotting Pilot Mountain, staring out at the Winston-Salem city skyline, and finally rolling down the window and breathing in that South Carolina salt water air I fell in love. A lot has changed since I was a child. I no longer wish to be a marine biologist. I’ll even eat my vegetables without a fight. But I my love for the Carolinas is still going strong.

The Carolinas will always hold a special place in my heart and the past weekend was no exception. Aaron and I packed up a few Fridays ago to make my favorite road trip, this time heading to Greensboro, North Carolina to see my cousin David get married. I probably haven’t seen my cousins David and Mike since around the last major family event so it was definitely an overdo trip. After arriving in town, my cousin Annie met us at the hotel and we Ubered over to the wedding. Can I just say how amazing it was to be in a state that allowed Uber? #blessed


The wedding was at The Gardens at Gray Gables in Summerfield, just outside Greensboro. Can I just say GORGEOUS? Like look at my cousin standing up there, ahhh. Sorry. Ok, let’s back track a few months real quick. When I received my Save the Date way back when, David texted me to tell me their website. Yes, you read that right. They have a website and it’s adorable. Seriously go check it out. The story of their proposal is worth the read.


I won’t lie. I’ve never been one much for weddings. I didn’t grow up playing pretend ceremonies and when my classmates were gushing about their future weddings I was probably thinking about puppies or reading a book. Even recently as all my friends have been creating wedding boards on Pinterest I’ve secretly been unfollowing their wedding boards (oops, sorry guys. Promise I still love you tho). Now that I’ve been able to be apart of those closest to me getting married, I’m in love. Good weddings are secretly becoming my favorite thing because really it’s just watching someone you love declare their love to someone else for the rest of forever and then having a kickass party afterwards with everyone they love. Who doesn’t love a kickass party? And their dog was not only at their wedding, but in it. All the feelings. Three guess who got drunk and spent the night petting the dog? Ya girl. Did you really need three guesses?


Like any true Southern wedding, the reception took place under a big white tent with string lights. We spent a majority of our time at the bar in the groom’s cottage and making fools of ourselves on the dance floor. After a sparkler send-off for my cousin and his wife (so weird to say), Aaron, Annie and I headed off with Mike and the groomsmen to go to HAMS. Yes, you read that right too.


HAMS is everything. If you’re like previous me and unfamiliar, think low-scale Buffalo Wild Wings. Same kind of food, cheaper, way better bar, pool tables, live music, and a dance floor. Mainly, I was impressed by these beer dispensers you could fill with like 64oz of ANY BEER YOU WANTED for like $13. Ahhhh take me back please to beer dispensers of Yuengling and Blue Moon. Also I won’t pretend like we didn’t drink Coors and PBR all night either. Also not ashamed to admit I love the taste of both of those. WVU raised me right.


The rest of the weekend involved pretending I could drink like I use to in college and nursing hangovers to prove it. Green Gatorade FTW. After soaking in the pool and baking in the sun, Mike played host and showed us downtown Greensboro.


AKA we went to a brewery and sat outside to drink and people watch.


We needed up at a place called Natty Greene’s Brewery and it was bangin’. And by it I mean the beer. I ordered the veggie burger and only ate half of it. I mean, look at it. That’s probably the biggest veggie burger of my life. The food overall was eh. But Mike was totally up front about the food before heading there. The atmosphere was awesome. It was the perfect place to sit and just drink a beer with someone (or alone, I’m not here to judge). Ya girl likes good craft beer and so we went for the good craft beer. IT WAS GOOD Y’ALL.


Before we headed out of town I knew I had to make two stops. My last stop was Trader Joe’s because duh. I also knew I needed to head to Dame’s Chicken & Waffles. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT. HELLO, LOOK. PERFECTION.


Chicken and waffles is one of God’s most important gifts. I cannot stress this enough. If you are ever in Greensboro or Durham, NC – GO TO DAME’S. You’re welcome in advance.

Anyways, I didn’t get to blog quite like I wanted and didn’t do all the sight seeing I wanted.

Instead I spend the weekend right by my family’s side the entire time and having such a good ass time, I forgot to pick up my phone and snap pics of the entire weekend. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Plus that just means I need to head back soon. 😉

If you have any fun travel related trips, favorite destinations, etc. please comment & share! I’m always looking for new ideas.

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