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August 2017 Favorites

1) Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Joining a CSA has been a long term goal of mine since I first learned about them about four years ago. A CSA allows you to pay a discounted price for produce in advance to a farmer. This gives the farmer the money in advance to pay for the price of raising crops. You do share the risk of crop failure with the farmer. It took me awhile to find a CSA in my local area. In July I joined my first CSA for $10/week (paying $40 at the beginning of the month) and received a tote of fruits and vegetables from their farm. It wasn’t the best experience. I really wanted to like my CSA guys, I promise. But I didn’t dig it. Half the time my vegetables had mold on them. I was very disappointed in this and the (lack of) variety we received in produce from them. I felt like I could have shopped the farmers’ market or Aldi and purchased my good cheaper. Plus, I wanted to try a larger CSA. For August, I decided to try another farmer’s CSA. I paid for 7 weeks in advance (aka their fall season). They allow you to break up your payments. I paid in full in advance so I received a small discount. For the “half share,” or for 2 person adult family, it was $18/week with my discount ($20/week without). I LOVE THIS CSA GUYS. It’s been great to challenge me in the kitchen and been great to make sure we’re eating a variety of fruits/veggies. We’ve received an awesome variety of foods. I’ve posted photos from my first two pick ups. I’m going to be super disapointed when it ends here soon. Unfortunately they don’t offer a winter CSA. But best believe I’ll be purchasing a Spring membership!!!

2) My Strawberry Blueberry Spring Mix Salad

I’m like seriously proud of myself for packing my lunch every. damn. day. You may think I have my life together (especially in the food department as a nutritionist), but you’d be wrong. It’s been a great money saver to pack our lunches. Making up a large batch of my Strawberry Blueberry Spring Mix Salad for the week has been great for quick lunches! I can take just the salad, or throw in grilled chicken, or even pair it with hard boiled eggs. Of course I take sides too like fresh fruit, yogurt, or popcorn to complete my lunch.

3) GT’s Kombucha Liberty Watermelon, Cherry, and Lime

I don’t drink kombucha that often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. GT’s Kombucha is one of my favorite brands I’ve tried so far in the limited amount available where I live. This was the perfect limited edition staple to the end of summer in my opinion. I’m pretty sad to see it go–so naturally I bought every bottle I could find at my local health store. It was definitely the best kombucha I’ve ever had. This just means I have high hopes for some fall/winter limited edition flavors.

4) RD Real Talk–Dietitians Keepin’ It Real Podcast by Heather Caplan

This podcast has been PERFECT for my internship! I seriously have not been able to recommend it to enough people. Anyone who is interested in a career in nutrition should listen to this podcast. It’s great for dietetic interns because Heather (the host) has a different guest speaker every episode from a different area of dietetics. They talk about their internship experience, how they got to their career, take questions from interns, and offer up advice! I get so excited when I pull up my podcast app and see a new post from them!

What were some of your all’s favorite things during August?

xx Sara






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