May 2017 Favorites

It’s crazy to think May is officially over. I feel like it’s still 2016. How are we basically halfway through 2017?? June is going to be a very busy month. Ugh. I hate the word busy.¬†Everyone is so busy these days. I use to strive to stay busy, thinking it was a sign I was doing everything right. Now the word just makes me roll my eyes. It seems like we think we need to be busy. Especially my generation. Or maybe the world just wants us to think we have to be busy. Idk. It’s funny how much weight the word busy can hold. It can be an insult, a brag, or even an excuse. Busy just has such a negative connotation for me–which is exactly the opposite outlook I want on next month (or my life). So let me reword all that…June is going to be very demanding […]

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