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Dietetic Internship Orientation Recap

GUYS. I can f i n a l l y say I’m a dietetic intern !!!!!!!!!!

I started my dietetic internship like a week and a half ago. Well, that’s when orientation started at least–which still counts! And is why you’re all here… right?

Here’s the breakdown… My internship has 12 people in it, including me. We’re all full-time and on kinda similar schedules. Every Monday we have class together all day. Three days a week we have rotations, which are all different (or sometimes the same). The remaining one day left is our graduate research assistant day (RA day for short).

I’m really liking my internship class so far! Half of the class graduated from Marshall’s undergrad, the rest of us are a mix. Me and one other girl are from WVU and the rest are from out of state. I feel like we have a pretty good mix. Everyone has a lot of diverse and cool interests in dietetics… so I’m excited to learn from them and see where we all go!

Day 1: I finally got to meet everyone! All the on-site interns have been communicating before today, so we were excited to finally meet everyone in person. This is Marshall’s first year having a distance track, so all distance and on-site students were here. We had introductions with the staff and all interns. Then we split up into distance or on-site. The on-site group (aka my group) went down to Huntington’s Kitchen to discuss our internship. We reviewed the first half of our handbook as a group to really get a feel for the internship. Oh, and probably one of the most exciting things of the day–we got our rotation schedules! Can you guess where my first rotation is?

YUP. WIC. Here’s my rotation schedule if you’re curious what an intern’s rotations look like!

  • Week 1 — WIC (aka my last job)
  • Week 2 — Out Patient
  • Week 3 — Technology (this is a brand new rotation to our program!)
  • Week 4 — Nutrition Education Program (NEP aka the focus of our DI)
  • Week 5 — NEP
  • Week 6 — Huntington’s Kitchen
  • Week 7 — NEP
  • Week 8-9 — WVU Extension Services
  • Week 10-11 — Out Patient
  • Week 12 — GI @ TRMC (this rotation is with a GI doctor and I’ll get to *hopefully* be in surgery and see the freakin’ colon! I love my field so damn much guys)
  • Week 13 — NEP
  • Week 14 — MNT prep
  • Week 15-17 — NEP


  • Week 18 — Community Outreach
  • Week 19-25 — Clinical 1
  • Week 26-28 — Long Term Care
  • Week 29-30 — Food Service Management
  • Week 31 — WVAND (we get to road trip to Morgantown and take a little break to attend WVAND! I’m already looking forward to the food)
  • Week 32-35 — Food Service Management

And then it’s time for clinical 2’s! We aren’t sure where we’ll be for clinical 2’s quite yet. I’m excited to see where it is! We’ll also be fitting in a rotation with the National Guard which I’m really excited about too. It’s a new rotation for the internship and new for the dietetics field too! Our preceptor is the first (and currently only) dietitian for the National Guard–so definitely an exciting opportunity!

Right now I think I want to work for an extension services when I’m a RD, so I’m really excited for this rotation to see if it’s the right fit! But honestly I don’t feel like there’s a bad rotation on that list. I’m so pumped to get real life experience and learn about each area. Even if I never plan on working in certain areas later, it’s great to know because these are my people. I need to know what they do so I can refer to them properly for my clients later on!

After this we had lunch. A few of us on site girls had packed our lunch, so we ate together in the classroom. It was really fun to socialize and get to know each other! We still had some time left so we went for a quick walk around the block. After lunch our MNT professor went over the syllabus and all things related to our MNT course. Our director sent us all over to get our student ID badges and our intern badges.

Day 2: Today we reviewed using blackboard aka our online classroom. Then we spent the rest of the day talking about the competencies for the internship. If I had a dollar for every time I heard the words “case studies” I could pay for my dietetic internship. I won’t bore you with the details, but basically we went over a few spreadsheets of what we’re suppose to learn in each domain, what rotation we’ll learn it in, and how to document it for the internship in our weekly reports. It made for a long day! We were sent home with a practice RD exam to review because our day’s plans got a little messed up with having to make sure the distance interns got their drug tests done (which meant like over half the class leaving… so the rest of the class left too).

Day 3: We were at orientation longer than I planned. Me and the some of the girls hadn’t packed a lunch because we expected to be gone by lunch time. Some of us ended up going over to Pita Pit and getting lunch. After that another intern and I went to get registered for an extra class and purchase some required things at the bookstore. Then it was time to get the drug test done!

I forgot how much I love Pita Pit. I got the black bean burger pita with all the veggies and it was delicious!

Day 4: The distance interns are gone! So we finally got to focus on things just for us today. The Nutrition Education Program (which counts as a community rotation and my GRA) was the main focus today. We had presentations from some dietitians who work in the NEP full-time. It falls under the umbrella of the WVU Extension Services. We were each assigned a lesson plan to present later this week for practice!

Day 5: We reviewed materials to help us prepare for our rotations and went over the expectations of each. Lots of paperwork today! We ended today early so we had time to gather our materials for our NEP presentations tomorrow and practice.

Day 6: I presented my NEP practice lesson today! I totally bombed it guys. I mean, not really. But in total honesty I did not do as good as I know I can do. Working at WIC, I went to Head Start programs and helped with their nutrition lesson, provided snacks, and read stories sometimes. That’s basically what I had to do today, but to my own peers. It’s totally different doing it for young kids than peers. I’m not nervous at all to do the NEP with the kids–but I totally was with my classmates and new professors! Everyone was really understanding of that though and offered a lot of help!

We had about a two hour break before our food bank tour. Luckily most of us had packed our lunch, so we ate our lunch in the classroom and just hung out. I really enjoyed the food bank tour! It’s a pretty large food bank, so it was interesting to see how they worked. A major food bank like this one is somewhere I think I’d like to work one day!

Day 7: The rest of the interns did their practice NEP lessons today and then we were done! Super short day compared to the others. Things are starting to set in and not feel so overwhelming!

Day 8: Today was a super short day. We met our preceptor we have for two rotations–the National Guard and the Technology rotations. And just like that we were done with orientation! TGIF. Some of the interns and I decided to celebrate by going to Target, Panera, Ulta, and then of course Gucci Kroger. Only dietetic interns would call that combo a fun Friday afternoon out. These are totally my people.

How cute are these dog toys? Michaela and I were so happy when we saw them! Michaela actually cried guys. Dedicated dog moms.


One of my go-to meals at Panera. You Pick 2 with the bacon turkey bravo, but sub avocado for bacon and add red onion (pro tip: you can sub any meat for avocado for free + you can make up to 5 substitutions for FREE) with the southwest chile lime ranch salad with chicken, the plum ginger hibiscus tea (my fav and zero cal!), and their 99 cent bakery item. I’m a sucker for a good cookie y’all. My favorite dessert.

Saturday after Aaron and I picked up our CSA at the Farmers’ Market we headed to Huntington to meet up with some of the interns to enjoy the Italian Festival that’s put on by the local food bank we work with in our DI and toured earlier in the week. It was so much fun. I love food festivals. Aaron and I had some amazing food and good drinks.

Aaron got the sausage hoagie with an Italian beer. I had the lasagna with a turkey meatball and Roscato Rose. Drinks were a little pricey so we moved on to Coors after this. Always classy.


Some of the interns! We’re just missing five of the others.



Sorry for the long post but it was a lot to cover! I know for some people it was probably way too long, but for those some really interested in the DI process this post was for you. As always, any questions just comment below!

xx Sara









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