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Dietetic Internship Weeks 6-12: Huntington’s Kitchen, NEP, Community Outreach, WVU Extension + Outpatient

I started the internship with the idea of having a weekly blog post every Monday dedicated to recapping my previous week of the internship. Andddd my last internship related post was 6 weeks ago. Oops. Win some, lose some. Honestly, it was a little overzealous to think I could do that. Between my schedule and the general lack of excitement on some weeks, it just wasn’t happening. So time to catch up with a dietetic internship update and recap of weeks 6-13!

Week 6: Huntington’s Kitchen

Huntington’s Kitchen was one of my rotations I was most excited about! I first learned about the kitchen from watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Fast forward years later and Jamie Oliver is gone, but Huntington’s Kitchen remains. It still functions as a community kitchen and we really utilize it in the dietetics department. The kitchen is one of the things that drew me to Marshall’s program because it really showed their commitment to community nutrition and I loved that!

So naturally 12 weeks into this internship right now and I still haven’t really cooked in this kitchen. It’s been under construction for required updates until recently. So for my rotation we used our smaller kitchen upstairs to do some light cooking for an outreach event one day. My other two days of this rotation were spent developing a course to be taught in the Spring. Taylor and I did this rotation together. We developed a cooking course for making your own baby foods! We’ll also provide nutrition education on proper cooking methods, how to introduce baby foods, and cover general AAP guidelines. Can’t escape my love for WIC. šŸ˜‰

Side note: I use Huntington’s Kitchen occasionally to make our tastings for teaching on my RA days, so I’m in there at least once a week. Coming up I’ll be in there basically every day for the rest of the semester.

Week 7: NEP + Community Outreach

This week was like a typical NEP rotation has been in the past. Focused on getting materials ready for teaching, doing food preparation for tastings, and taught at the schools! We taught our fruit lesson this week to 2nd graders.

This weekend was also the Levels event with United Way at the Visual Arts building. The interns got community outreach hours for working the event. I’ver really enjoyed having so many opportunities to get dressed up after wearing scrubs/uniform for the past three years.

Week 8-9: WVU Extension

In class this week a rep from Abbott came and provided info on all their products and let us do some taste testing! This was a cool experience to be able to relate to clients.

This was on one of the dietitian’s wall outside her office and I loved it.

I loved this rotation! I was super pumped going in because university extension is somewhere I can totally see myself working in the future. One day I went to an elementary school and taught a seafood and MyPlate review lesson to 9 classes. It was totally different teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders than the 2nd graders I was use to teaching. The 3rd and 4th graders were pretty good, but 5th graders were too close to middle schoolers for me. I don’t know how teachers do it, honestly!

They have such a beautiful view of the capital!

Another day we went to a local food pantry to take a tour and provide some help. They had reached out for help with the foods they’re providing to families. Most foods provided by a pantry are going to be shelf stable. They’re generally processed box foods or canned goods. We provided tips from the Canned Food Alliance on utilizing canned foods. I found about 20 recipes and edited them to be food pantry friendly. I did a cost analysis for each recipe, breaking down cost per ingredient, total recipe, and per serving. It was very Budget Bytes-esque and I loved it! I also did a macronutrient breakdown, which I personally, don’t really care for, but was something they wanted to help show the ability to create a balanced meal with food pantry ingredients. I spent the rest of my rotation working on developing this.

Week 10-11: Out Patient–medical weight loss/bariatric surgery

I’m still not sure how I feel about medical weight loss. I’m in my internship and still developing my food philosophy, as RD bloggers like to call it. I definitely align with anti-diet IE/HAES. So I have a really hard time wrapping my head around how this works with bariatric surgery. I know I’ve seen some webinars out there for applying IE/HAES in a clinical setting. I can’t really budget taking those right now, but I’m hoping to be able to get more training like that after my internship! While I may not have access to the information now, it’s good to know help is out there and I can get that training. It wasn’t really a good two weeks to be at this rotation site because there were a lot of no shows–which is very typical in out patient. The staff at this site was great though and really knowledgeable and fun to be with!

Week 12: Out-Patient–gastrointestinal surgery

Two of my days were signed to readingĀ ASPENĀ chapters the GI doctor I’d be with wrote on the GI and liver (nbd). My last day I was suppose to go into the hospital and be in the OR for GI surgery with the doctor. Joint Commission decided to surprise them with a visit soooo I wasn’t able to go in that day. I was assigned other things to work on from home that day.

This post has been so long trying to squeeze in my internship update, so I’ll save more internship fun for another post update. šŸ™‚

xx Sara

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