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Dietetic Internship Week 2: Private Practice Out Patient

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend! My weekend was jam packed full of things from celebrating our anniversary, to celebrating my maw-maw’s birthday, to a family holiday cookout, to the boring cleaning and homework stuff…

BUT, guys!

Another week of the dietetic internship is D O N E.

Here’s my recap of week 2:

Monday’s are always my class day. I had my dietetic internship class, where we all get together and talk about our rotations. A lot of people were on NEP which meant a lot of people were busy running copies, making lesson plan bags, and assisting our professors with odds and ends. There were some people on other rotations though! Two people were on long term care. They said it’s a lot more involved than you’d think and enjoyable. Although I’m going to a different site than them, it helped me be more excited for that rotation. A few people were with Extension Services, which I’m probably the most excited for if we’re being honest. I’ve been told that rotation is hit or miss (honestly to be expected in just about any job I’d say), so hopefully they’re doing some fun activities while I’m there! I talked to my classmates about what to expect at their WIC rotation and some of them had a lot of questions about WIC.

In Medical Nutrition Therapy we had a lecture on the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam. Like any grad class, we had a lot of readings before hand and some videos to watch. They were super helpful! We were also suppose to order AND’s NFPE pocket guide, but mine hasn’t come in yet. I think it will be very helpful to have on me during clinical rotations or maybe even LTC. We all had to practice giving a NFPE and have one done on us too. I remember learning a little bit about the NFPE in undergrad, but this experience has definitely helped me in understanding, preforming, and applying the NFPE.

In Research Design we just discussed basic research principles and odds and ends. It was super boring lecture for me, but I know it will pick up soon when I get to start applying it to nutrition education!

Tuesday was my first day at my out-patient rotation. I was suppose to go in at 8:45am, but some patients canceled (typical in the private practice setting), so my preceptor changed my time to 1pm. I was grateful to come in later because I had some much needed errands to get accomplished, like going to the car dealership, getting gas, and going to the bank.  She gave me papers to read over from AND on private practice billing and had me write a short paper summarizing it and my learning. I had no idea AND offered so much help and that so much was involved! Again, I remember kind of going over the importance of proper billing/coding, but we never really learned much more. Plus, I didn’t care then because I didn’t think it would apply to me. Now that I’m considering having my own private practice after graduating, I’m super grateful for these resources from my preceptor and the Academy!

When I came in Tuesday afternoon, my preceptor was holding a diabetes education class. My preceptor told me there’s a long wait from when a patient has been diagnosed with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, or renal disease to when they actually get in to see a dietitian. The dietitian I was with offers group classes weekly for these diseases so they can get in ASAP for the basics. After this, they set up a one-on-one counseling appointment with her. There were four people present for the diabetes education class I sat in on and it was very informal. The dietitian provided a lot of handouts for the clients so they had the info to take home with them. She also encouraged her clients to take notes. I noticed how often she repeated things too. The information presented is a lot for anyone to take in, so I really liked how she repeated key things and encouraged them to write it down on provided paper.

The class lasted for what I’m guessing was close to 2.5 hours. One thing this internship has taught me is that I desperately need to get a watch because I never have any idea what time it is… and I definitely can’t pull out my phone. I’m so use to having a clock on my old work computer to tell me the time! After the class was over we hurried across the building to her office area where a client was waiting for a one-on-one counseling session. This client had multiple diseases, had recently been in an accident, and had some other things going on so there was plenty to talk about during the hour! My preceptor quickly showed me how she charts and we were done!

I was happy our day ended at the normal time, because I wanted to get to yoga later! I use to do yoga on a regular basis when I lived in Morgantown, but since moving about 2 years ago, I really fell out of the practice. I thought a new schedule change would be the perfect time to start incorporating yoga into my routine! A local church offers yoga classes for $5 so I couldn’t pass it up!

I had SUCH a great time at yoga. Leaving yoga that night and heading to the store, I realized that was probably the best my body has felt in a LONG time. I’m so excited to be getting back into yoga again–I even broke out my old mug.

Wednesday was a super long day. We started at 8am sharp, so I had to leave home at 7am. We had back to back to back counseling sessions in the morning. I was surprised by the large variety of clients. I’m not sure what my general expectations were for out-patient. I saw multiple clients who were present for renal and/or diabetes, one client with exercise induced anorexia, and one with PEIA weight management. It felt like a great variety. All of the clients were present for follow-up appointments. I practice charting for all clients in ADIME form. It was great practice! I also made a point to jump in and offer advice or ask questions during counseling. My preceptor and all of the clients were totally ok with me doing that! We had a long lunch break due to a client forgetting their appointment, so I had nice break for my What I Ate Wednesday blog post. After lunch we saw clients up until almost 7pm!

Thursday my preceptor was swamped with meetings, so I was given a meal plan assignment to do from home. I’m still working on it. It’s been years since I’ve sat and down and done a true meal plan to meet specific macros and calorie needs. I have to do 4 different 28 day ones, so it’s taking me some time! BUT I’m hoping to use this on the blog sometime soon! 🙂

Friday was my RA day, so I was busy in the department getting lesson plan bags together. I spent Friday evening catching up on homework and running errands. Saturday was devoted to brunch, the farmers’ market for our CSA pickup, errands, my maw-maw’s birthday. Sunday was a relaxing morning, with cleaning and laundry, followed up by more homework. Monday was more laundry (this is what happens when you skip one week of laundry) and then a family cookout.

How did you all celebrate your holiday?

PS anytime someone wants to throw me some grad school/dietetic internship advice ya girl is listening…

xx Sara





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