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Dietetic Internship Week 3: Entrepreneurship + Social Media

My schedule has been so random and a rolling with the flow kind of time that for the past two weeks it hasn’t felt much like a traditional internship. Not that I really know what a “traditional” internship is or feels like??? But ya get the point. Coming out of my out patient rotation, I worked from home my last day and finished off my week by having a RA day. Then followed that up with a three day weekend (thanks Labor Day!), then worked from home on Tuesday, and followed up on Wednesday with another RA day. So basically it had been 8-ish days since I had actually been in a rotation. It was a weird time.

So basically I only had two physical days at my rotation, Thursday and Friday. This week was my “Technology” rotation, but it was really just a “social media” rotation. This was a brand new rotation for our class. Lately I’ve been more and more interested in entering the entrepreneur area of dietetics after I’m a dietitian. So I really wish we had gotten more than a few days at this rotation because this rotation is the best experience we’ll get in the entrepreneur area.

Thursday we met at his local restaurant he owns, focusing on farm to table (yay!!) and paleo foods (eye roll). It’s definitely a long term goal of mine and Aaron’s to open our own restaurant. We’re hoping to do a fast casual healthy place (think Panera) with a mix of a bookstore/coffee shop. Dream big!

He gave us a brief introduction while we ate breakfast and told us our first assignment–writing a short blog post blurb for his restaurant’s Facebook account–and our second assignment–writing a short blog post on exercise. I chose kombucha to write about and I’m not sure exactly my exercise post–probably yoga of some sort.

Our preceptor also is the first dietitian ever for the National Guard (which we’ll do another rotation with him for that at another point). He had an event with the National Guard he had forgotten about, so we tagged along to that to a local high school. The school had forgotten we were coming, so we didn’t get to do too much there.

He took the opportunity to go over his social media accounts. He talked about how he breaks up his social media accounts to gain and keep followers, which area he focuses on the most, how he determines his posts, his theme, and other things.

Friday we met at the CrossFit gym he owns. He gave us a tour and a brief history of the gym. Then we worked out! Yes! I actually did a CrossFit workout!!!! I was crazy nervous. I try to stay active, but I was no where near ready for a CrossFit workout. I’m so glad I did it though because it was a blast!!

Look at these ring things! I used them!! I’m so proud guys. I N E V E R thought I would say this, but I would totally go to CrossFit again! I just can’t justify their crazy gym membership fees. Oh well.

After the workout we went and grabbed breakfast from a local bakery. You might recognize it from last week’s What I Ate Wednesday post as my new study spot I had found. I love this place! I got the breakfast sandwich and a dirty chai latte. YUM. Afterwards we went to a building under construction to scope out a possible new location for his restaurant to expand. We didn’t spend too long there before we were off to campus. Our preceptor also works with a supplement company and had a Facebook live Q&A (think podcast style, but live with questions) for an hour-ish and we got to be in the room with him and see how it works.

Something I really took away from this was utilizing all aspects of my social media more. I’m great at writing things out, but I really need to start taking advantage of short videos like snaps, insta stories, Facebook live, and so on. So look out for those types of posts!

I knew networking was important, but it was cool to see it in action. A lot of the things he was involved in was all from networking with the right people. Dietetics is a small field guys! I can’t say that enough.

My next rotation is NEP, which is where I go to elementary schools and teach the lesson plans we’ve been putting together for weeks on my RA days!

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