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Dietetic Internship Week 4: Nutrition Education Program

Remember all those RA days I talked about where we just made lesson plan bags and stuff? Well those finally paid off today because… I F I N A L L Y got to go to one of our elementary schools and teach!

The first day started off as a disorganized day but it got a lot better after I got into the classroom. I was nervous because I’m always nervous (anxiety man). Once I walked into the school and saw the students walking around I felt so at ease. Since this is the first week we’re actually in the schools and I’m on my NEP rotation, I get to be a “trainer” which basically just means I get to show everyone else the ropes while they’re on their RA days this week.

I feel like I’ve talked a lot about NEP and RA days, but not really explained them too well… So basically RA days are where I work aka get paid. NEP is the actual rotation counted towards the required DI hours. There are dietitians who actually work for NEP who cover other grades. We only do kindergarten, first, and second grades at certain schools. Each lesson is made to be 30 minutes long. This includes going over our lesson, reading a book and doing AR questions, reviewing, and doing a tasting. 30 minutes doesn’t sound long, but it goes by quickly!!

The week’s lesson focused on exercise (walking) and the Rethink Your Drink for second graders. We read a book on exercising your body. Our taste test was flavored water with pineapple and mango. The kids were so cute and sweet! I really loved my first day!

Plus, look at this cute little food bank outside one of our schools. It reads “Take what you need. Bring what you can. Above all be blessed!” I love it!

Can I be real for a second? I was kind of worrying my interest for community was fading… I’ve really enjoyed my entrepreneur focused rotations. I felt like I was gravitating away from community. I haven’t minded preparing stuff for NEP at all. It’s really the only community experience I’ve had so far in the internship besides doing my WIC rotation (which obviously I was well experienced in lol).

Happy to say I’m still in love with community! I really think after the internship I’ll want to work in community nutrition and still do something entrepreneur related. Most dietitians have multiple jobs, so I’m sure this will be possible–as long as other rotations don’t sway me away.

In total we taught over 400 students in 20 classrooms this week throughout two counties. Teaching at each school and classroom was a slightly different experience, but overall the same feeling of excitement. Most of the kids liked the infused fruit water, but they were pumped to each get pedometers to measuring their activity. It was an awesome experience to see kids so excited about nutrition and their health.

Next week I’m on NEP again and we’ll be doing a different lesson.

If any of you are dietetic interns or just #RD2B‘s I’d love hear about your experiences!

xx Sara



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