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Dietetic Internship Week 5: NEP

These are blueberry muffins made by some of the students. They were made vegan friendly with aquafaba instead of egg whites and soy milk instead of cow’s milk.

Today’s blog post weekly recap of my dietetic internship will be a short one. Last week was my second week on my Nutrition Education Program rotation. Unlike last week, I didn’t do much teaching this time. Actually, out of my four days at NEP, I only taught 3 classes on my last day.

What did I do the other days then? I’m glad you asked. Here’s what my week not teaching consisted of:

  • Spending an entire day with a professor for chemistry of foods. I graded undergrad lab reports, gathered up items needed for the lab that day, made a market order for the next week’s lab, assisted students during lab.
  • Taking a professor’s two undergrad classes’ scantrons to be graded. Who knew you took the exams to be graded at the library? I imagined professors grading them on the scantron machine like they did in high school…
  • Entering pre-test surveys. These were the surveys parents of the students we teach received to assess their eating and activity habits before our lessons.
  • Coping, stapling, counting, and sorting post-test surveys. These are the same surveys, but will be given for parents to complete after we’re done with all our lessons. There were literally thousands of these.
  • Determining and placing the Market Order for next week. This is basically figuring out the ingredients for our recipes, how many servings we can get from each single ingredient, and then how many of each ingredient we need to feed everyone aka like 500 people.
  • Preparing the tasting samples for all the classes aka the food for those 500 people
  • Preparing lesson bags for next week. This means gathering up and bagging the appropriate food models, getting our MyPlate banner, the AR book we’ll read, and any other material needed.

Some people might find that crazy boring, but I actually enjoy it. I don’t mind mundane tasks every now and then, especially if it’s what has to be done so I can do what I really enjoy–teach children nutrition.

Here’s some photos I snapped during my week.

All interns had to drive about an hour away to attend an orientation for a hospital we’ll all eventually have a rotation at. We stopped at a local homemade ice cream shop on our way back into town since some of the interns had never been. Austin’s ice cream is my favorite.


Saturday morning views after my rotation week was complete! We had breakfast in bed… Pumpkin spice bagels, pumpkin spice cream cheese, and pumpkin spice lattes! And a side of fruit 🙂

My next rotation is at Huntington’s Kitchen! When I first learned about Marshall’s Dietetic Internship, this was the rotation I was excited the most about getting to complete.

xx Sara




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