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Influenster Daisy VoxBox

Have y’all heard of Influenster yet? Because you need to get yourself an account right now. Like… Right. Now. I started seeing some friends get boxes of completely free stuff and posting about it online. After I saw all the goodies my friends were getting I immediately messaged a friend and asked her how she was getting all this stuff. Best believe I created an account. It didn’t take long at all to get my first box completely free! This is my second box of completely free products and I’m excited to share this one with you guys!


Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Fruit GummiesRetail value of $22.35

This was probably Aaron’s favorite product we received. I’m all about gut health and I’m slowly turning Aaron that way too. Poor guy probably hears me go on about gut health at least one time a day. I’ve always tried to eat a good variety of gut healthy foods. Aaron’s had chronic kidney stones for years now. Around this time last year he developed gout for the first time. Now I’m like hyper aware of the gut healthy foods we keep in rotation of our diets. I’m always on him about eating his Greek yogurt, drinking his kombucha, taking his medications, or eating his other fermented foods. He was excited for us to have a new probiotic to try. We haven’t been taking them long enough yet to notice a huge difference. We’re about half way through the bottle and I’ve noticed some difference in my gut (without getting TMI). But I can’t 100% say if it was the new gummies or just some changes in my diet. There’s 60 pieces in a bottle, but you take 2 pieces/day. So this will last us about 15 days sharing the bottle.  Slightly disappointing when you look at the retail value vs how long it will actually last you. But good probiotics are not cheap! Each serving packed a whopping 35 calories, 8g carbs, 5g sugar, and 30mg sodium. Yikes. That’s why it’s always better to get them through your diet as much as possible! Each serving also contains over 4 billion cultures of live gut healthy bacteria. In addition to this free product, I received a coupon to save a few dollars when I repurchase this product. Thanks Nature’s Bounty!


Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and ConditionerRetail value of each $5.99.

I’ve been wanting to make the switch with my hair care products to “better for you” products for awhile now. My problem has been I have so many hygiene products tucked away in my bathroom. I rarely ever pay full price for anything. So when I find a good sale or deal, I take full advantage. I always stock up on enough stuff to last me until the next sale or deal comes around. It pays off for me great…until I decide I don’t want to use whatever it is anymore and I still have like 10 of them. I’ve been trying to work my way through my shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc. before I go out and buy new. Also, before I buy new of anything, I always do my research. Since I haven’t done my research, I wasn’t familiar with Live Clean until I received these bad boys in the mail. After I ran out of shampoo and conditioner a few weeks ago I threw these babies into my shower. I’ve used them about 8x since (I only wash my hair about 2x/week because well curly hair problems) and I’m diggin’ them. They are super thick and creamy to the touch yet still easy enough to work through my hair just fine. The first use I only used them in combination together. Ever since, I’ve followed up with my Dippity-Do Girls with Curls Deep Treatment. I love this stuff. My hair feels nice and hydrated, my curls aren’t crazy, and the frizz isn’t god awful. I’ve seen some other products at Marshall’s so I can’t wait to explore this line.


Skinny Pop Sea Salt Microwave PopcornRetail value $4.99

Skinny Pop popcorn is one of my favorite brands of popcorn. I always have a bag of it in my house. It has a great taste and it’s super lower in calories. It makes a perfect after work snack or before bed snack for me. Naturally, I was super pumped to received this new microwave popcorn to try out! I LOVE THIS OMG. It tastes way better than the bags of Skinny Pop. This had that real, freshly popped popcorn taste that you’d get from other microwave popcorns, but with WAY less calories. The box is HUGE. I made this as a snack for myself and that was a serious mistake. This bad boy is intended to share. It’s perfect for a movie night. I will 100% be purchasing this again. This would make a really cute gift with a DVD or themed “movie night” gift. I love it! I only wish I had my nutritional yeast with me to top on this–omg.

Dannon Light & FitRetail value $0.99

Since yogurt wouldn’t really keep well for Influenster to ship to me, I was able to redeem a coupon for any Dannon Light & Fit up to a $0.99 value. I redeemed my coupon at Wal-Mart hassle free. I ended up selecting the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Strawberry Cheesecake. Wowzers. This stuff is crazy sweet. Like too sweet for me to be able to eat. After my first bite I legit had to pick it up and look at the label to make sure I actually got the right yogurt. I typically always read my labels in stores (reasons grocery shopping takes so long with me), but I didn’t with this one. Reading the label during eat, I was a little surprised. Right by the ingredients it says “partially produced with genetic engineering.” This isn’t a huge deal breaker for me, but it might be for some of you. I personally couldn’t get over the taste. Obviously this is my first time trying Dannon Light & Fit, so I’ve only had this flavor. But it was just way too sweet for me. The more I ate, the more the flavor built up and it had a funky sugary taste to me. Not a fan. I guess I just prefer my plain Greek yogurt and flavoring it myself so I can control the sugar level.

While this yogurt wasn’t for me, if you’d like to give it a try you can get your own coupons for Dannon Light & Fit.


Always Infinity Flex Foam

I’ve been purchasing pads/tampons for all of my adult life and it’s honestly never gotten any easier going down that aisle. I have zero embarrassment walking down that aisle or carrying my box to the register. It’s part of life and everyone should be able to purchase what their body needs without any embarrassment or shame–whether it’s food, medication, or a hygiene product. My issue is that I can never remember what products I liked or figure out what I actually need to buy. Until now, companies haven’t really made it that easy either. I probably have at least 3 different types of pads and tampons under my bathroom sink because I got fed up wasting my time in that aisle unsure what I bought last time and if it worked right. Was it that yellow one or the green one? It definitely wasn’t the purple–or was it? You would think the color and the little image size on the package would be enough for me to figure it out, but you’re wrong. I get home and end up with something so short it’s basically an upgraded panty liner or something so long it’s a downgraded Depends diaper. Neither of those options work for me. Now I’ve wasted my time and money and I still don’t have what I need. I’m tired of that life.

I usually roll my eyes at tampon/pad commercials. Who the hell else is tired of seeing smiling women in all white living a great life while on their period? I’m on my couch, in my yoga pants, eating a pizza, watching HGTV and growling at Aaron if he eyes my pizza the wrong way or reaches for the remote. The last pad commercial I saw for Always Infinity Flex actually made me smile and think that finally, someone gets it. I love the number system. Its way easier to remember and it actually gets the job done. All you have to do is look at the quick guide on the package, determine your panty size and your flow! Then you know exactly which product to purchase. I’m excited to try this out and I have a feeling I’ll be exploring this line. Thanks Always!


Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Detoxifying Charcoal Paper MaskRetail value $2.99

I love a good face mask. Sheet masks are my favorite because you don’t have to wash your face multiple times. Just wash your face, plop it on, relax, and then pull off and pass out. Charcoal is very popular in skincare right now–for good reasons. I love my charcoal face mask products. This was different than the typical charcoal products I’m use to in skin care. It had a very soapy look and feel to it. When I put it on I was super impressed because it fit my face like a glove. A lot of sheet masks slide around and are hard to get to stay put. This one seemed like it would hold on pretty well. My face soaked it right up and let it cling on tight. It didn’t last long though. As soon as I started moving my head around the sheet mask gave problems. It didn’t want to stay on quite like it had before. I think I would have gotten better results had I just laid down and relaxed for the 10 minutes as the package directions said. I ended up eventually laying down, closing my eyes, and pulling the little eye flaps up over my eyes. That was definitely a first. It was fun to give my eyes a little relaxation/treatment (side note: I took my contacts out before use and was super careful because this freaked me out being right on my eyes). I could feel the tingling the package said would happen, so I’m glad they gave a warning or else I would have freaked. I tossed the face mask after use and didn’t do anything additional to my face. All in all I enjoyed the sheet mask. My skin felt great that next morning and very moisturized. I didn’t notice a difference in my pores or breakouts from the one use though (it’s rare to find Holy Grail products like that anyways). I’ll definitely purchase again.


So let’s recap… I received all of these products completely free to test and/or review. You don’t have to be a blogger to get this. You just have to review the products on Influenster’s website. I only made this post to share with y’all because I love Influenster that much.

Are y’all convinced to join Influenster now? Sign up through my code here:


Disclosure: I received all of these products complimentary to test and/or review. All reviews are my own opinions.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links. Other links are not affiliate, but provided for your own knowledge and interests. I only partner with products I 100% love and use myself. All opinions of these products are my own and I will always give an honest review. If you purchase through my links, you will never be charged extra and in some cases may receive a discount. I will receive a portion of your purchase from affiliate links. With your purchase you’re helping to support me and my blog (plus my fur babies + family). Thank you so much for your support in my blogging journey.

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