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Leaving My Job & Preparing For The Dietetic Internship

I honestly don’t even know where to start about leaving my job. I loved working at WIC so much and I’m definitely going to miss it. My time there really fueled my love for working in community nutrition and I can’t wait to return to the field after my internship. My final day was last week. But from where I traveled for work, I had “final” days at each site. At Cabell, my friend Shelley made me delicious mini cherry vanilla chocolate chip muffins and double chocolate cake.

My goodbye party was at Kanawha though. This was my home site. They threw a Mexican themed pot luck. My work sister and friend, Kadija, has been on maternity leave. She stopped by for the lunch and brought my favorite kind of baby–a big, fat, breastfed baby. It was so good to spend time with everyone. I hadn’t been at Kanawha lately, so it was nice to get to see everyone and catch up. My actual last day of work was at Putnam–my favorite clinic. This was the clinic I spent the most time at and really felt like home. I was glad it was where I had my last day. It’s a smaller clinic, so I was the only Nutritionist there. We had an ice cream party at the end of lunch to celebrate my last day.

It honestly didn’t feel real leaving at the end of the day. Maybe because I’m still living in the same town… It just feels like I’m going on vacation or something. IDK. But this is the last thing from a vacation… Man I wish I was at the beach because…

This time off is no time off! There’s so much to get done!

Here’s everything I’ve accomplished in just the past few days:

  • One TB test completed and read for the internship
  • Still unpacking from moving (only one more box left !!! and some finishing touches)
  • Getting my desk set up in the office for school
  • Selling unneeded items on Facebook. Every bit of money saved up helps!
  • Spending time with family
  • Running some miscellaneous errands (one last use of my employee discount to stock up on contacts, getting school supplies, handling closing with our last townhouse, etc.)

Anddddd what’s left to finish up:

  • Another TB for the internship
  • Physical for the internship
  • Parking permit for campus
  • Signing my Graduate Research Assistantship contract
  • Paying Fall tuition
  • Brushing up on nutrition (MNT ahhh)
  • Weekend trip to Morgantown to visit Aaron’s parents! 🙂
  • More time with family
  • Taking my cousin dorm shopping
  • And probably like 10 other things I’m blanking on

Okay so enough with my to-do list… Let’s that about that dietetic internship because EKKK !!!!

Here’s what I know about my dietetic internship so far:

1.) It runs Monday-Friday. Weekends are all MINE. Yay! After having a Monday-Friday job for nearly two years, I’m SO happy to keep my weekends. It’s rare to be in the healthcare field and not work weekends. So I take the small wins where I can find ’em.

2.) We have our graduate classes every Monday. My director registered us for classes this week! I’m required to take three graduate classes this fall for my internship. My classes will be: Dietetic Internship 1 (where we meet and discuss our rotations, etc.); Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 (this is the class I need to prepare for the most!); and then Research (reviewing current literature in the field, etc.).

3.) We’ll have rotations 3 days a week–but they change weekly. One week I may have rotations Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. The next week could completely change!

4.) The one remaining day will be for my Graduate Research Assistantship. I am SO thankful for this Graduate Research Assistantship. It gives me a small stipend every 2 weeks. This will definitely help with gas and food and maybe some small bills. It also gives 1/2 tuition reimbursement. BLESSED.

5.) Not everyone has the same rotations at the same time! I may be at my WIC rotation while someone else is doing their Clinical 1.

6.) We all have Clinical 2 at the same time during the summer as our last rotation.

7.) I only need to take 5 more graduate classes to finish up my Masters of Science in Dietetics! So I’m hoping to take two electives during the Fall, two in the Spring, and one during the Summer–which lets me finish BOTH my DI and Masters in less than a year!!! Becauseeeeeeee

8.) The internship will be done at the end of June 2018!!!

I’m hoping I can continue to blog during my internship because I recently learned some internships don’t allow you to blog about it. I guess I’ll find out during my orientation! I really want to be able to share this time so I can help anyone with questions about the internship process. So stay tuned! 🙂

Have any questions on dietetic internships? Let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail.

xx Sara





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