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May 2017 Favorites

It’s crazy to think May is officially over. I feel like it’s still 2016. How are we basically halfway through 2017?? June is going to be a very busy month. Ugh. I hate the word busy. Everyone is so busy these days. I use to strive to stay busy, thinking it was a sign I was doing everything right. Now the word just makes me roll my eyes. It seems like we think we need to be busy. Especially my generation. Or maybe the world just wants us to think we have to be busy. Idk. It’s funny how much weight the word busy can hold. It can be an insult, a brag, or even an excuse. Busy just has such a negative connotation for me–which is exactly the opposite outlook I want on next month (or my life). So let me reword all that…June is going to be very demanding and challenging, but an exciting time.

My (not so) baby cousin graduates from high school and turns 18 years old the first weekend of June. So we’ll be going to his graduation one night and his celebration/birthday party another night. It’s hard to believe he’ll be graduating and turning 18! The second weekend is my other cousin’s bridal shower, which I’m a bridesmaid for…then the next weekend she gets married! After that Aaron and I will be moving into our new place. June won’t leave much time for packing before the move, so we’ve been trying to get a jump start on that now. June will also be my last full month at my job before I quit to start my dietetic internship. After that, I’ll be diving into study mode preparing for the internship!

While we’re looking forward to June, I just wanted to revisit some of my favorites things for the month of May.

1.) Wags & Weights

I’ve followed Wags & Weights on Instagram for awhile, but made my first purchase this month. I ordered myself a dog mom hat, Aaron a matching dog dad hat, and my mom one of their daily essential tees that read “dogs & fitness & coffee & donuts”. Aaron and I love repping our dog parent status anyway we can so the hats were a perfect fit. Dogs, working out, coffee, and donuts are all in my mom’s top 10 favorite things, so it was a perfect present for her birthday. We all loved our stuff from W&W! Bonus: they’re based in North Carolina (one of my fav states) and donate a portion of each purchase to help rescues across America.

I have a big head and big hair. It is what it is. So it’s hard to find hats that fit me well. Thank you Wags & Weights for making a great universal hat. I’ve never worn hats so much in my life as I have the past month since getting this one!

2.) Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ Markets are a great way to get local veggies! Some Farmers’ Markets are year round, but some are only for the summer. I’m lucky to have two major Farmers’ Markets about 30 minutes from me that are open year round. But May is one of my favorite months because the summer Farmers’ Markets start, including the one right down the road from my house. May through October, you’ll know where to catch me on Saturday mornings. Support your local farmers!!!

3.) Popsocket

I ordered this super cute donut popsocket off Amazon and it was honestly one of my best decisions of the month. It was really simple to stick on my phone and use. I have absolutely zero regret or embarrassment in paying $10 to save my pinky from holding and supporting my phone all day. Also, shout out to Amazon Prime for helping me find things I didn’t even know I needed. You the real MVP.

4.) Homemade hemp milk

Making hemp milk kind of weirded me out at first. Actually, hemp milk in general just struck me weird. For some reason, I gave it a try anyway. I AM SO GLAD I DID Y’ALL. It is crazy simple to make, keeps for about 3 days in the fridge, and adds the perfect flavor to healthy drinks. Homemade hemp milk has a very green taste to it.. so of course it makes the perfect addition to smoothies. Have you tried hemp milk yet? I’ll be getting a recipe to you all for it very soon! It’s super easy and totally worth it if you’re looking for a new drink! Oh, and speaking of smoothies…


5.) After work smoothies

Smoothies have been the perfect after work pick me up. I get off work about 30 minutes before Aaron. Since he gets stuck in rush hour traffic, I can have anywhere from 30 mins to an hour waiting for him to get home. I’m typically pretty hungry by the time I get home, change, and take care of the fur babies. After getting settled in, I’ve found I have just enough time to whip us both up a smoothie. Aaron’s pretty hungry too after he’s home and settled. A smoothie is a great way to reach satiety while we catch up on our day and relax before jumping into our evening events and hold us over until dinner. I love using this Sambazon Açaí smoothie starter! I use to buy them when I lived alone in Morgantown at the Gucci Kroger. Unfortunately Kroger stopped carrying them so I’ve gone without them for a good while. I was so excited to find them at the local Healthy Life Market!

What were your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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