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Recent Eats #1

As a food blogger and just over all lover of food, I take a lot of food pictures. I’ve gotten it down to a science over the years. It doesn’t take me super long–just one quick shot. What I haven’t gotten down is actually posting all the photos. That takes a lot more time. Pulling up each app, crafting a caption, all those hashtags… I get caught up in actually eating and enjoying the food in front of me. After the meal and socializing is over, I’ve already forgotten to post my picture most of the time… because it’s on to the next event. Life man.

But these eats are too good not to share. I mean that’s the entire reason I snapped the photos, right?

So here are some recent eats I’ve enjoyed so far this summer.

If you’re from the Charleston WV area you already know this gorgeous pizza and infamous sangria are from Lola’s. This was actually our first time eating here! Aaron and I went for Sunday brunch because if you’re gonna do Lola’s, you’re gonna do it right. We wanted to try a bit of everything so we ordered a pitcher of the red house sangria (SO GOOD), the Lemon & Herb Hummus plate (LOVED IT), and the Spinach & Feta Pizza (TOP 5 BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE). They offer a white house sangria if that’s your thing, but I like my wine as dark as my soul. The options on the hummus plate were great. The bread on the plate is from a local bread joint called Charleston Bread, which I love. Believe it or not but the pizza shown above is a small (!!!) pizza for $13. I know! We shared the sangria pitcher, hummus plate, and pizza. Best brunch of my life.

It’s no secret I love a good Panera salad. I get pretty excited for their seasonal salads–more than any one person should. I tried this seasonal salad for the first time. This is their Watermelon Feta Salad and man was it delicious. I think a balsamic vinaigrette would have been better than whatever option they put on it. Just saying. I ordered online for my work lunch and it was ready for pick up by the time I got there! I use to take advantage of this during undergrad when I was stuck on campus all day. Benefits of a Panera right on campus. I ate this in my car and then took care of some errands. I paired it with the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich, but made a few substitutions of course. Like switching out the bacon for avocado for free, switching the lettuce to a dark green option, etc.

Austin’s is a local gem. They’re a homemade ice cream store located in Kenova WV. There are so many ice cream flavors to pick from! I got one scoop of chocolate peanut butter cup and one scoop of cookie dough. This has basically been my order since I was 10 so of course I had to test out my old favorites to make sure the place was good. Best hard scoop ice cream joint. Seriously. This stuff is as good as the stuff you get at the beach. I’m not the only one whose family always gets ice cream when they go to the beach, right?

Bridge Road Bistro is one of my fav local joints. Much like me, they’re big proponents of Farm to Table. So they naturally have a piece of my heart. If you follow my social media, you already know this is my favorite local breakfast joint around. They’ve expanded their menu some, so we tried them out for dinner one weekend. Aaron loved his meal. It was the special of the day. My order was off the menu. I was slightly disappointed. I expected their tacos to blow me away (like most tacos do because I love tacos). Unfortunately they did not. They definitely weren’t bad! They were good. Just not the stand awesome food I’m use to getting from there. Which is probably one of the main reasons I didn’t share this pic before.

This was the meal they served us the second day of my WVAND conference. Heirloom Mobile Kitchen is a local food truck in the Huntington WV area. We ate the meal inside of Huntington’s Kitchen (right where I’ll be doing my dietetic internship!). The meal was made with all local ingredients (I think minus like one item–I can’t remember what ingredient she said wasn’t local), from a local food truck, and super yummy! One taco was a pork taco (pork tacos have my heart) and one was a vegetarian taco. But guess what meat alternative she used? Cauliflower! How awesome is that? Cauliflower is seriously so versatile in the kitchen it’s amazing. This was my first time trying her food and I enjoyed it. Also my first time trying La Croix and I totally hated that Pure one.

The Pepperoni Grill is a newer local pizza joint. It’s a bit far from where I live, so I’ve only been the one time. If I lived closed I would definitely eat there more often. Aaron and I ate there with my parents after a long day. So we ordered enough pizzas to split four ways (and then some to try out some different types). We ordered one full pepperoni pizza (because duh). The other was half BBQ Chicken (my pick) and half Meatball (Aaron’s pick), I believe. My parents also ordered a pizza to split to try their favorites but idr what that was and I have no picture because my parent’s aren’t use to someone snapping pictures before eating lol (hence all the pepperoni being gone).

Cold Spot is my favorite local lunch spot in the Charleston area. They have a great lunch menu (~$8) and delicious food. I had an extended lunch this day due to a staff meeting and I was actually working in Charleston. So I met Aaron for lunch. This was my first time ordering the hummus plate and MAN was it good. I love their pita bread so much. Seriously. I need to know where they get it. Ugh they probably make it. I’d buy stock of that pita bread. Also let’s talk about that hummus because *insert drool emoji*

I was off work this day handling some personal meetings. We met at a local Mexican joint for lunch. I love a good burrito bowl. Actually I love anything served in a bowl. Especially a bowl full of good vegetables. I ordered a smaller margarita but my waiter felt I needed a larger size so this is what I ended up with. I’m not mad about it.

I love Books & Brews so much. Like that I’m on a first name basis with the owner because I was there on the daily when they first opened. I also admire B&B. They started off as a local used bookstore (working off donations of used books) selling coffees (regular and specialty) and baked goods (they had the best cinnamon roll and chocolate chip cookies EVER). Now they’ve baked off the baked good somewhat. Oh, and they sell craft beer and wine now with a full lunch/dinner menu. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. I did a mystery beer (ended up being Raging Bitch which was pretty good) and Aaron and I shared the buffalo chicken nachos. They also have board games you can play too.

This is one meal I’m sure you all have seen a dozen times. It’s my go-to breakfast order at Bridge. It’s the omelette with every veggie they have thrown in… meat varies on if I’m feeling it or not. If I do, it’s usually the chorizo sausage. The hash is my favorite part though. It’s a mix of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes all doctored up. YUM. I order a piece of toast on the side and my coffee. That red sauce is crazy hot and good. It’s their secret recipe and what keeps me coming back. JK the local farm to table food does. But the red sauce is seriously good.

Pay Day Friday Lunches have been a tradition for about a year now. It’s just like it sounds. Every Friday we got paid, all the staff working at the Putnam clinic (who liked Thai) would go next door to the Thai place for lunch. It was a fun (and delicious) splurge. Towards the end, it ended up just being me and Shelley who liked Thai and would go. This was my last Pay Day Friday Lunch before leaving my job. I ordered the Drunken Noodles with Chicken and the Summer Spring Rolls with Shrimp. Shelley ordered the Crab Rangoon and her lunch.

This was the massive amount of sushi Aaron, Nick, and I ordered when we took him and Michaela out for dinner to celebrate him graduating/his birthday and her wedding. Yes, we ordered so much they brought it out on a boat. Sushi is one of my favorite foods. Taste of Asia probably has the best sushi around, but I can’t wait to move to a city that has better sushi joints. I miss Morgantown’s sushi so much.

What were some of your recent eats?

xx Sara

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