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What I Ate Wednesday #3

This is an exciting WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) for me! This is my first time doing one as a dietetic intern. Before, I felt like my WIAW were all pretty similar because my schedule was pretty standard. Now my schedule is ever changing! I’m excited to share how my meals differ with my lifestyle change.

Today was my week 1 of rotations and my second day back at the old WIC office. I’m still adjusting to the time and schedule changes aka we were rushing to get out the door this morning. I needed something that traveled well and I could manage eating while driving so I ended up with this protein bar and my coffee. I tried this brand on the recommendation of a fellow intern and I really like them! I’m not a big coconut person, but the coconut one is my favorite so far. This chocolate peanut one was too good though.

I packed my lunch today. I didn’t want to bring leftovers from dinner last night because we planned on eating them for dinner again, so I made a turkey, cheese, and lettuce sandwich and packed up some fruit we had in the fridge. The watermelon is from my CSA and leftover from yesterday’s lunch (I was too full to eat it, so I had some for breakfast this morning when I got into the clinic). Also full disclosure, I started eating my grapes before I realized I was doing the WIAW blog post. I’ve never been a milk drinker but I love the taste of almond milk, especially chocolate almond milk. I love these to go containers for them! I didn’t end up eating all of the grapes or even opening the Cobani flips (which I’m on a total kick for right now). I saved my yogurt and leftover grapes and had them as a snack when clinic was over.

For dinner tonight we had leftover spaghetti from last night. The meat is actually the Beyond Meat crumbles aka “fake” meat. I really like Beyond Meat, but it’s a little pricey. I like to buy it when it’s on sale. We had some in the freezer that I really wanted to clear out. Aaron made the spaghetti sauce using tomatoes, green pepper, onion, garlic, vinegar, and probably a few things I’m forgetting. He always likes to get creative with spices and ingredients–which I love! 🙂

I tried to make a copycat version of Carrabba’s bread served with herbs and oil. Carrabba’s is my favorite chain restaurant, but unfortunately we don’t have any in my whole state. I only get to enjoy it when I travel south. This copycat recipe is so spot on to how their’s tastes! Typically you’re suppose to dip the bread into the herbs and oil mix, but to save room I just sprinkled the herbs on and then drizzled a little EVOO right on top. So tasty!

Now I’m just drinking my water while I finish this blog post. I still have some things to wrap up for classes before I head off to bed tonight. Tomorrow finishes off my last day of my week 1 rotations so I gotta get some sleep. I’ll probably enjoy some hot tea before bed and that will be it for the day.

xx Sara






  • Jenny Morris

    Have not seen that brand of protein bars. Where are they sold? Which wic office are you interning?? I love reading your posts! Take care, Sara.

    • fancyeatsincheapseats

      I found them at the Healthy Life Market in Barboursville, not sure if the one in Charleston would have, but probably. I’ve also been eating them at Kroger in Barboursville in the healthy section with all the protein bars. I’m at the Cabell WIC office, today is my last day! Thanks Jenny!

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