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What I Ate Wednesday #4

If I’m being open and honest (which I always try my best to be with you guys), I’m still struggling in the mornings. I think it’s some combination of every day/week is different, my long commute, not being consistent with my bedtime, and failing to plan my mornings better. For the most part I’m handling my snacks, lunch, and dinner well throughout the day. Breakfast is just my downfall. I have some breakfast foods that I thought were quick and easy (toast with nut butter and frozen burritos), but taking the time to heat them just isn’t in the cards for me right now. Unfortunately I’ve been heavily relying on protein bars and coffee in the mornings. Today I was able to grab a yogurt and some grapes.

I use to get to work early and eat my breakfast before the day started. Now, that’s not really an option so I’ve been eating my breakfast in the car. I really liked the grapes this morning because they were super easy to eat while driving. The yogurt was more difficult, but I was able to eat it while I was stopped in local school traffic. I didn’t even end up eating any of the protein bars, so I call this morning a win compared to my other mornings so far.

I was at my out patient nutrition rotation today with a dietitian who focuses on integrative and functional medicine. I’ve been surprised how much I learned and really enjoyed out patient. It’s help solidified that I want own my own private practice one day. But I’ll talk more about my experience in my week 2 recap.

This dietitian only works in her out patient job 3 days/week (she works in other areas, like yoga and farming other days). Her days can run long because of this. Today our first client was at 8am and we finished up with our last client close to 7pm. I really think I’d enjoy working 3 12 hour days instead of a “standard” work week. We had a longer lunch today though, because one client canceled (that’s the nature of private practice I learned!). My preceptor told me that I wouldn’t be able to pack my lunch really at this location, so I already knew to plan to eat out for lunch.

I used my long lunch to get out and explore Huntington some. I went to River and Rail Bakery on the recommendation of my preceptor. I never paid much attention to Heritage Station, but this shopping center is definitely cute. I wasn’t sure where the bakery was when I parked, but I can honestly say I was able to sniff it out. Yes. The smell of freshly baked bread was that strong y’all. I had a large carafe of water on my table to go along with my smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato, and garlic avocado aioli. They served it on freshly baked bread and I upgraded to a side of housemade hummus with veggies.

I opted to go into the overflow room of the restaurant. Doing so, I walked through the welcome center, which was packed full of WV tourism resources. I loved the overflow room. I was really surprised I was allowed to sit in it. It felt too fancy to sit in guys. Just look at it.

I’ve been bummed because all my good study spots are back in Morgantown. This little spot though is a definite go to now for me though. It reminds me of the quite rooms in the old library at WVU. I can almost feel the science major problem anxiety just thinking about it.

After finishing up some classwork, I grabbed a dirty chai latte with almond milk to go because I knew I needed the extra caffeine to get through counseling sessions until at least 6pm. I really wanted to get some day old discounted baked goods and bread, but I was too worried about how it’d keep in my hot car the rest of the day. This just means I’ll have to take a trip back with Aaron on a Saturday morning. He loves a good scone and coffee so I don’t think I’ll have to try too hard. 🙂

Like I mentioned a little earlier, we weren’t done until close to 7pm and I still had about a 40 minute commute home. I called Aaron on my way home and neither of us felt like making dinner tonight. Chick Fil A is one of our favorite things to enjoy when we eat out so Aaron asked if we could have it tonight since I’d be driving by it on my way home. We each had a sandwich because that’s generally our favorite way to enjoy the Jesus chicken. I really like their diet lemonade, but I can’t usually handle more than a few sips.

I don’t have any pictures of dinner tonight because honestly, I forgot all day that it was my What I Ate Wednesday blog post day. I only snapped a pic of breakfast because I was proud I had something. And I definitely only took lunch pictures because I tried somewhere new. I thought about skipping today’s post since I didn’t plan to take my photos for it and I forgot about taking a dinner photo. But I really didn’t want you guys to think I eat perfect all day every day. Sometimes (lately all the time) I struggle having a balanced breakfast. Other times I eat lunch out, even if it’s healthy. And other times I eat for pure pleasure and ease, with little focus on nutrition. And sometimes, all these things happen on the same day–like today. I use to feel shame about them and other feelings too. But the more I’ve learned through counseling people on nutrition and listening, reading, and researching things like intuitive eating, the more I know it’s important to share things like this. It’s important for you to realize dietitians aren’t the food police and they aren’t perfect. We’re human, we’re busy, and we can be weak for the Jesus chicken too. 😉

Wanna share how you handle busy mornings, try to eat healthier while eating out, or just something you really enjoy the pleasure of eating–nutritious or not? I always wanna hear!

Happy hump day and good luck getting through your week! Tomorrow I’m working on some meal plans from home and catching up on readings. Friday is mine and Aaron’s 1 year engagement anniversary and Saturday is my maw-maw’s birthday–so I have a busy weekend ahead!

xx Sara







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