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Woofstock & Wieners, a Festival for Fido!

Last weekend Aaron and I took advantage of some nice weather and attended Woofstock and Wieners, a Festival for Fido.


The event was part of Charleston’s FestivALL and sponsored by the local animal shelter, Kanawha County Humane Association. I’m a huge animal lover, so naturally one of my big goals since moving to the area has been to get settled enough to started volunteering/donating to the shelter. All benefits from the event went directly to KCHA, so I was totally game.

Saturday we loaded down my purse with our doggie supplies (water bottles, poop bags, and treats), jumped in the car, and headed down to Magic Island. There was a great turnout and it was really awesome to see unique breeds you’d never expect in WV. KCHA offered discounted clinic services, but our pups were up-to-date on all their shots! Microchip services were offered for $25 each, so we definitely took advantage of this! Hollie handled it like a champ, Koda not so much… Microchipping Koda was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never really found the time (or money) to do as a college student. If you know Koda, you know how finicky he can be with strangers or really just anyone who isn’t me. He has separation aniexty issues to the extreme, so it was fun holding him down for this one. Actually getting him prepared (muzzling) was a longer process than the microchipping. As soon as Dr. Totten was done, he was perfectly fine. Hollie didn’t even notice it happened to her, she just kept trying to play with everyone.


We did the microchip first thing, so we spent all rest of the time walking around, letting the pups make friends, and watching dog races and competitions. In years previous, only wiener dog races were hosted. This was the first year offering all breed races and competitions. We didn’t enter the pups in any of them, because it was our first year watching and we were a little unsure what all was involved. After sitting on the sidelines, we can easily say Koda and Hollie would have had a blast competing. So maybe next year! 😉


Coming from a college town, I had big dreams of moving to a town that offered a lot of activities. As happy as I was to be moving back close to family, I was pretty disappointed by big destination was Hurricane, WV. Growing up, everyone thinks their hometown is super boring and offers nothing. Luckily, moving back to the area with my boyfriend, two pups, some cool co-workers, and family close in age (plus a full time job, working on certifications, and a blog) has definitely kept me busy! Now that it’s summer, Charleston, Hurricane, and Huntington are all offering plenty of activities! I’m really grateful for fido-friendly activities so I don’t have to feel guilty leaving the pups behind.

Next up on the list of fun, attending a Magic Island movie event to relive my childhood. 😉

If you’re from the Charleston area, check out festivALL’s website for more summer fun events!

Check out their website here & their Facebook page here!

Be sure to check out the Craft Brews, Blues, & BBQ (6/24) + Wine & All That Jazz (6/25) coming up this weekend!

Thanks Charleston! Can’t wait to spend the rest of summer with you. xx

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